Erotic massage with ritual and celebration

Here’s another incredible free class at Generally Sex Show in Littleton. Jane and Andrew present their heartwarming Sacred Ceremony of Lovemaking. You would like to notice more or purchase their video, please visit to Tantra Massage.

Almost holy Ceremony created by Lovemaking

Facilitator: Jane Breneman and Andrew Freeman

Date: Friday Sept 25, the year just gone

Time: 8 pm

Location: Colorado Convention Center,700 fourteenth Street, Denver, CO 80202

Cost: This workshop is Free! There is a charge for pass to the Denver Love-making Show.

Contact: Jane Breneman, 303 478-6106,


Description: Learn the rituals to transform sex into sacrament. Powerful lusty sexual energy level is used as a brand new catalyst for transforming sex from ordinay to extraordinary. With these theories sexual unions can approach into any realm of sacredness that includes increased intimacy and distributed pleasures. Have a look at the maneuvers to movement orgasmic work for declining health and vitality and free growth in sexual encounters through connection with hte divinity operating in each individual.

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