When Liberals Attack! Diane Sawyer Obama Cheerleader and Party Girl (with drunken video)

For Friday,poker beijing escort, January 22, 2010, the premise of one particular week that still had Washington and America talking was the upset win by Republican Scott Light brown in the Massachusetts Senate race. When it came time as ABC News and anchorman Diane Sawyer to pick their “Person of the Week,” the choice was clear: Mrs . Obama!

Yes, once again the media was fawning and praising an Barack obama over phrase and genuinely deeds; they are rewarding motives over results. During the week in question, Mrs . Obama spoken about the necessity to address obese in young kids. She outlined no real services outside created by encouraging significantly eating habits.

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Diane Sawyer turned it into a love-fest, almost deifying other previous years acts of the Originally Lady. This included talking about of Michelle “reaching out to an 82 year old Queen of England” as within the she saved her between a well. In fact, Obama only laid a functional hand on the queen,How to Heal a Broken Heart, a great breach of all protocol and the most Great britain didn’t care for.

Sawyer reverently spoke of Obama’s new crusade, wondering how wonderful the world will probably be if, in the particular year, young adults were noticeably thinner. Coming from all course, Very first Lady social projects are not new; Laura Bush encouraged reading; Nancy Reagan attacked drug use; Hillary Clinton went seeking interns. No one listened when Nancy Reagan told kids to “just say no.” Is Diane Sawyer really so naive to picture kids are typically gonna stop eating junk food because Mrs . Obama referred to so? Of course she isn’t, but when given the chance to pile any praise on unquestionably the Obamas, Sawyer dives right in.

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If there was any suspect as to how Sawyer feels surrounding the Obamas, consider those actions she would you think when Obama was elected: she fell off your current Obama bandwagon, and the particular sobriety cart at how the same second. Witness a real surgeon at work in often the classic video below. To Diane Sawyer, her choices for “Person of unquestionably the Week” golfing grip as much credibility of a shot glass.

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