Is Lindsay Lohan working as an escort

Lindsay Lohan is working as a a professional escort, based to a new report by Star magazine. The 26-year-old star is etting paid to date precious men,?her dad Michael Lohan told the magazine. ina is pimping her out ?it disgusting,What makes two people sexually compatible with each other,?he continued.

An important source strong the former Disney starlet revealed he dates last for days,The Derma Wand – First Look Review,Pekingu Escort, and the guys pay for everything ?hotel, travel costs, food, whatever out?as well as jewelry but other toys?

With respect to the mag,beijing massage, Lohan is simply reach candy for wealthy other guys who like to be used with beautiful, famous women. Among the ean Escorts?stars clientele are: the third in line to one particular throne of Brunei, a small continent in South east Asia: Emporer Haji Abdul Azim and a well-off Spanish-American painter Domingo Zapata.

omingo let She live in his penthouse at the Bowery Housing in Nyc for free and at just his M.A. pad at Chateau Marmont [for months],?insiders say. heye both super swanky. No way Lindsay lohan coulde afforded either for them for the purpose of such long stretches of time on her own.?br />

The story is detailed in the latest issue related with Star magazine on newsstands today.

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