VIP Escort Beijing -Introducing the Network of Friends

We are thrilled to bring in something new that we promised not long ago. We’ve called it the Network of Friends. In fact, we are thrilled to introduce you to our Circle of Friends, people that collaborate with us on many exciting endeavors to offer the Finest Escorts Beijing has to offer. So who are these people? Actually, there are many of them, from photographers to limo operators to sister Beijing Escort Agencies, to various fashion designers, etc…These are the people that were supporting us from the very beginning and were sharing with us the joy of success. These are the people that helped us bring the Beijing’s Finest Escorts to the attention of Clients that want the best Escort Experience Beijing has to offer.
We Promised to have a little twist with the introduction of the Network. Actually, it is very simple. Should you decide to use the services of any of our Friends advertised on the List, you are entitled to get 20% off anything that they have to offer. Email us in advance, and we will be more than glad to vouch for you. Same applies the other way around. We will gladly absorb 20% of the total cost of providing you with the companionship of  Finest Beijing Escort. These fascinating people and organizations were of tremendous help to us to reach the height of fame we are currently enjoying. The least we could do is pay back the favor and support them in their plans.

We’ve placed a direct link to the Network and it is visible to the right under the Exclusive Service Tab. Refer to the List on a continuous basis, as we’ll surely be adding new members little by little. Initially, we thought of adding them all at once. However, we decided to add them over a period of time. A special thanks for being our Friends go to our Sister Escort Agencies: Beijing Desires, Mermaids of Beijing and Escorts Express. We’re thrilled to have privilege of cooperating with these Agencies on a number of goals to enhance the Beijing Escort Experience.

What Next? We are full speed ahead with the Introduction of VIP Escort Patrons and the Platinum Collections. Both are set to be introduced sometimes in 2011 and, by far, would be the best achievement in our existence. Again, we thank our loyal Clients and Friends for every piece of unconditional support we get from them. As usual, we are thrilled to have the privilege of offering you the Finest Selection of Beijing  Hottest Escorts.

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