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How to identify Escort Agency or Independent Fakes in Beijing

You are a business traveler who comes in and out of Beijing for meetings. and looking for a Beijing escort. Back home, you have either a fix date or a perfect number to direct you to the girls you like. But in Beijing, you don’t have a trustful number for Beijing escort service. YET. 🙂 Therefore, you search online and find many classified ads with alluring fake pictures either posted by Beijing escort agencies or independent Beijing escorts.
You must have heard of reports that someone has been cheated by an escort agency or independent escort in China? Or have you even made bad experiences by yourself? Enough caution reports have been spread out by seasoned hobbyists, but quite a few newbies don’t know the reports.
A hobbyist friend says he sees less than 2% of escort girls in Beijing use real pictures. I guess it’s certainly not easy to find the independent escorts who use real pictures in Beijing. But things can be worse.
If you are unlucky, fake pictures can be the slightest surprise among other greater surprises. You can imagine the rest.

So, how can you protect to not get those scams? There are a few signals you should check on an agency or independent escort website:
1. Girls don’t have Beijing escort reviews on escort communities ( You will think reviews can be made easily. That’s true. I don’t recommend most review sites. However, TER is different. Don’t believe in me? Then try to post a review via TER, you will be very surprised to see how TER figure out whether you post a genuine review or a fake review. There are a lot of technologies behind )

2. Girl’s pictures showing her face ( If she is careless about showing her face, she is most likely using another girl’s pictures. Why she needs to cares about using another girl’s face pictures? )

3. Use and u will be surprised how the internet data help u identify the picture history and the owner of picture.

4. Girls’ pictures looking like porn stars or models ( If you look more websites, you will find similar porn stars pictures or model pictures are posted over and over, but under different names, even shared by different agencies )

5. Bad website content ( This is one of the easiest signals for you to tell. Trust your instinct )

6. Cheap rates ( You get what you pay for, so you either get very bad quality, diseases, or a big surprise in your hotel room later on )

7. Payment has to be made in advance (scam for sure)

What will happen if all of those points are valid? You’ll loose all of your money and your privacy. So you always need to be selective and careful. I hope this article can help you a little bit. Wish you luck and happy hunting!

The Pro of an escort agency Vs. an independent escort

Because some gentlemen had bad experiences with some escort agencies, they assume that all the agencies are bad. Therefore they tried to source a favorite escort Beijing girl by browsing escort classifieds. In their perspective, an independent escort has several advantages for them.

Firstly, cost of service will be cheaper than that of an agency. Secondly, he can see her “real photo” before meeting with her and get a first hand information about her.  Thus he thinks that he is dealing with a “real person” and feels better than contacting with an agency. Thirdly, he just likes to give her favorite girl the money he wishes to pay. If he pays to a girl from an agency, he will think that his money is exploited.

I admit that there are bad agencies in this business circle. But that should not be the reason for you to shift to “independent escort”. Firstly, cost of service by an independent escort in Beijng service is not cheaper than that of an agency. Sometimes it is even more expensive. Maybe you will not think it is expensive just because you do not know the market. Secondly, as far as I know, most of the Beijing escort girls do not use their real photo to do this business due to our tradition. She can avoid the embarrassment by using a photo she looks like. Thirdly, there is few real independent escorts. Most of them have a boss. This is just another means of doing business.  So you are just cheating yourself if you consider you have found an independent escort. Finally, because they are in a mask of “independent escort”, you do not know where to claim her service if there is any dispute.

Compared with an independent escort, an escort agency is doing a long term business. Thus they need to manage good customer relationship and good management. Charge is also reasonable. If you have any dispute with the girl, you can talk with the agency and solve the problem. Do not worry you will not find your favorite style of girl. An agency usually can provide more choices than an independent escort.