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If you’ve just gone through a bad break up, you might be put off dating for a while. Relationships break down for so many reasons such as cheating, jealousy, possessiveness, disagreements, financial arguments, or perhaps the spark has just gone. You won’t feel like starting the dating game for a while, as it all seems so overwhelming and perhaps painful. Being with a long-term girlfriend can be plagued with hassles and setbacks – And perhaps you’re relieved to be single again!

But it’s not healthy or natural for a man to be alone for too long. You don’t have to swear off women for life. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to enjoy a woman’s company and femininity without any commitments or risk of heartbreak? An upscale escort dating agency can provide you with exactly that. But be certain you are really patronizing an upscale, elite agency, and not just an agency claiming to be ‘high class’. Don’t be fooled by pretty pictures and big promises. Pay attention to the language quality of the site, and the way they treat your inquiry. (Of course if you’re not particularly sophisticated or selective yourself, then by all means call any agency and try your luck! )

You can discuss your preferences and ‘ideal woman’ with the agency, and arrange a date who fits your requirements perfectly. The agency will suggest a few ideal options for you to choose from, with absolutely no hassle, guaranteed. You can enjoy the model escort’s company for a few hours’ dinner date, or for the evening, and then say goodnight at the end, with no obligations or consequences. These dates offer fun and interesting conversation and enjoyment, whenever you feel like it. If the date you want is unavailable, then simply meet someone else. It’s perfect! No commitment, no pressure.

Perhaps you need a date for a business function? This can send you into a blind panic. Who will you bring? Will they embarrass you? Do you want them to know your business life? Now you don’t need to decide who will be an acceptable date. You can book an appointment with a gorgeous woman who has been carefully screened for suitability and compatibility beforehand. She will never ever embarrass you, nor really have any interest in delving into your business or personal life. No one need ever know that this is strictly a business arrangement, as the girls are well bred and trained for discretion. She will just be beautiful and charming, making you look great. And your elite escort won’t do anything to let you down either.

If you just like female company, this is the perfect option for you. You can meet a different girl every night if you wish. Or continue meeting the same model to build a lovely rapport and familiarity. Romance comes more easily when you and the model are more familiar and comfortable together. You can still enjoy fine restaurants and the latest movies with good company and a beautiful lady on your arm. And the fee you pay for her time guarantees no difficulties, no hassles, no dramas, no embarrassment, no obligation and no commitment. She will not get upset if you meet someone else, or if you don’t call all week. She will not be asking ‘where is this going?’, or ‘Do you love me?’.. Not unless you ask her to 😉

She will however be charming, enchanting and elegant. She will be well bred, educated and hygienic. She will create a sparkling environment and fiercely protect your privacy. She will usually be quite accomplished in her own field, so being seen with her will not seem untoward or unnatural. These girls know how to make your association seem totally acceptable and believable 😉  This will be the easiest relationship you ever have in your life. And when you are ready to date again, you can inquire with the agency about meeting singles with a view to relationships, as opposed to part time girlfriend experiences. china companion  agency offers many different types of introductions.

Once you have filtered out all the mediocre companies, and have found a truly upmarket agency like TOUCH BEIJING MASSAGE, you can arrange your tasteful, elegant appointments. Treat your date like any other girlfriend or date – just because she is being paid for her time, doesn’t mean she is not a woman. A gentleman is always considerate and polite, no matter what woman he is dealing with. Just as you pay your mechanic or accountant for a service, you still treat them with respect and polite consideration. Your elite companion is not too dissimilar in terms of providing a service for a fee. It doesn’t mean she won’t genuinely like you – in fact she will rarely stay at an appointment she doesn’t feel comfortable in. She is as wonderful a woman as any other. She just happens to be very beautiful, well bred and available to spend some time with you, for a fee.

Be thoughtful and kind, but most of all, be the perfect gentleman. Since she will be a perfect lady. You’ll have a lot of fun, without any strings attached. You can start looking for a girlfriend or spouse whenever you are ready, but in the meantime you are free to enjoy the perfect date, as you wish.  Your fee is not just for her time. it is for your freedom and peace of mind!  Life is too short and fleeting to waste it being alone and unappreciated. Out of all the days in the year, all the hours in the week – take some time for pampering you, as you deserve.


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Finding the Best Outcall Massage Beijing

1. Beijing is a tourist mecca, full of tourist traps.

Anytime you are seeking a service in a tourist area, you run the risk of overpaying for substandard quality. This applies to just about everything from tours to meals and entertainment. Massage is no different. Many service providers that cater specifically to tourists do not hold themselves to the highest standards, because most often they only provide service to a customer one time. So if the service is not the best (either because the therapist is mediocre or due to poor customer service), it’s really only the customer’s loss since the company is not relying on any repeat business.

It’s often a similar situation with services arranged by hotel concierges. Usually the concierge is seeking to receive the largest commission possible from the massage service, so they are not always putting the guest’s needs first. Also, a concierge will often mark up the service significantly (unbeknownst to the guest of course).

How to avoid the problem? First, try to find a Beijing massage service that works extensively with the local population – not just tourists. When a company is trying hard to earn repeat business, the quality is likely to be higher. Second, consider bypassing the concierge and doing your own research. Dealing with a company directly will help you to avoid paying marked-up prices, and will also give you a better idea of their professionalism and customer service. Ideally the company or therapist will have professional web site that includes specific rate information published for anyone to see.

2. There are more Licensed Massage Therapists in beijing.. Where do I find the good ones?

On the one hand, it’s great to have such an abundance of Beijing massage therapy providers to choose from. On the other – let’s face it – graduating from Massage School is not like getting a degree from Harvard. Most people graduate and manage to pass the exam. Not every therapist is going to be great, and in fact, many won’t even be very good at all. Yet most do find work somewhere.

The trick is to find the service that won’t just hire any therapist but makes a real effort to find the best ones with real talent and good interpersonal skills. This ties in with the point made above, and considering using a massage service in Beijing that works more with locals than tourists. Also, be sure to ask lots of questions, and specify the kind of massage you want. Some therapists specialize in certain things (like relaxation massage) but not others (deep tissue massage). You’ll want to try to find a compatible therapist.

3. Confusing advertising

Have you been on Craigslist lately or looked in the free weekly paper at listings for massage Beijing? Even I can’t figure out sometimes if someone is offering a legitimate and licensed therapeutic service, or is simply fronting for something of a sexual nature. Sometimes it’s quite obvious – a provocative picture or other clear suggestions of “non-therapeutic” types of activity. Other times, people will use language that can be interpreted in different ways leaving us unsure of their intentions. Even yellow pages ads can be vague.

What to do? First, realize that by law, massage therapists are supposed to include their license number with any advertisement. If there is no license number, most of the time this means the person is not legitimate, so look out for that.


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Because they are so professionally produced, some agencies and clients come to the wrong conclusions about Escort Girls rate card. Beijing local Escort Girls are more exclusive than most, but not necessarily more expensive. Beijing Escorts have tried to accommodate everybody’s needs and requirements for full Satisfaction of their body and mind.

Many of Beautiful Escorts in Beijing are students, Beautiful young models, dancers and working professionals and housewives. They are intelligent, multilingual, elegant, hot and Warm. All escort Girls are available for Paid Female companionship! They will not rush you and there services impeccable particularly during longer bookings: overnights or travel arrangements, dinner dates and formal events. Beijing Model Escorts Representative suggest you spend some time looking through our photo gallery, where you will find descriptions of each escort Girls & models Escorts, which gives the chance to choose Escort Girl in Beijing according to Personal Interest. Due to availability, it is recommended that select more Escort girl for good companionship of Beijing Escorts.

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Escorts and Their Uses by Beijing Candie

Escort services in Beijing are one of the most spoken and hottest services. People often admire these escorts of Beijing due to their sexy and sensual service. According to the people the escorts of Beijing are full of most sexy, prompt, honest, bold, genuine, intelligent and hottest babes. Among all types of escorts present in Beijing, the most happening ones are the Asian escorts. The Asian escorts have the leading share of escort business in Beijing. The Asian escorts are full of erotica and they are the kinds of sexy babes; give you the own girlfriend like pleasure and some experience of lifetime. Though these escorts are called Asian escorts, there is no restriction for the non-Asian people. All are welcomed in this world of sexual fantasy of Asian Escorts in Beijing. After reading all these, you must be wanted to know about the escorts and their uses in details. So here is all the information regarding of your query.

At first you should know what are the escort agencies that generally provides the escorts to the customers! Escort agencies are the companies that are operating a special ?Booking and Dispatch Service?. The main feature of the mentioned ?Booking and Dispatch Service? is that the escort agencies temporarily provide a companion to their customers. Even they provide this service even at the house or hotel room of the customer. Another interesting service is there, offered by some of the leading escort agencies. Some of the agencies do provide the escort services for a longer period of time to. According to that scheme the companion or the companions provided by the particular escort agency will stay with the customer of that escort agency and travel along with him on a special holiday tour or a special business trip. The payment method in these escort agencies is not complex. You have to pay the fee for the companion or the escort service provided by the agency. The rate for the escort services generally seems to be varied for person to person. Online deal with the escort agencies is also possible in these days of heavy Internet days. There is another payment method available for the customers of the escort service. They can pay the fee directly to the escort, with whom they enjoyed the date. The payment depends upon the sexual attractiveness of the escorts. After that the escort agencies receive commission from the escorts.

Coming to the uses of escorts, people often mix the escorts up with the general prostitutes. Yes! This true that some of the escorts are available for some adult entertainment. But escorts are available for some other services too. The escort agencies provide escorts for the blind dates, party, sexy dinner, dances, some hot and sexy body message, and dancing and even for the normal dating purpose. You may enjoy the facilities of adult entertainment through escorts under any special scheme. But forcing the escorts for some adult works while you are in any other service scheme is punishable and illegal offence.


A Night Out with an Beijing Escort Girl

Beijing has lots of business and residential establishments around while enjoying the highest population count in the district. Many people live, work, or do their business here. The city caters to people of all walks of life, from the average john to the affluent.

One of the most notable offerings of Beijing is the escort girls. For men who don?t know it yet, Beijing escort services are easily accessible. You simply have to be in town to experience them. It won?t matter if you?re a traveler or a resident of another city. The escorts in Beijing are so accommodating that you know they will treat you right the first minute into the meeting.

Head over here and spend quality time with a very beautiful woman. A lady who suits your taste is easily available around here. Pick from a wide collection of Beijing escort girls as offered by an escort agency. The choices range from elegant females to real-life sluts ? choosing a girl is already and adventure on its own.

The Beijing Escort Girl Experience

The Beijing escort girls are available for both incall and outcall appointments. You can ask them to visit you in your home or hotel room and they would gladly oblige. If you like, you also do it the other way around. Step right into the escort?s apartment and have the best time of your life inside.

Hot and gorgeous ladies could make you a very satisfied man tonight. These ladies are real stunners. It is hard not to notice them at parties and social events. If you have a big party to attend to, these beautiful girls are the perfect companions as well. You can definitely smile widely as you look at the faces of your male friends with their jaws dropping in envy.

If Your Desires Can?t Wait, Call the Girls

Ring up a Beijing escort agency right after picking the loveliest girl in the gallery. Set up an appointment with her. If she?s readily available for a meeting, you?re lucky. You can see her in just a few hours. And you can expect her arriving fresh and eager at your door. The professional escort girls of Beijing are guaranteed to make this night the best night of your life. If you simply let her do what she does best, you may even consider moving to Beijing and living right next to her apartment forever.


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escort directoryCandies Beijing Escort service is an exclusive boutique Beijing Escort agency catering for a new breed of clientele – successful, discerning, stylish, and inspired by exceptional beauty. Our escort companions and are drawn from a select group of stunning models, actresses, and educated women of grace and sophistication form around the China. If you want something more exciting, Beijing Escort girls portfolio of escorts also includes celebrities .

Candies Beijing Escort is the only escort agency in China that only uses real recent photos of the model escorts. Beijing Escort guarantees the authenticity of the pictures shown on our website and the quality of service provided by our escorts. There is nothing more Beijing Call Girl exciting and satisfying then opening your door and see the actual person you have chosen looking exactly like the picture on the website. You will be more excited if she changes into the out fit that she was wearing in the pictures on the Beijing Escort!

So whether you are interested in an exclusive arrangement or an exquisite companion at your convenience,Beijing escorts we have just what you are searching for. We are perfectly able to offer you a selection of the finest high class female escorts who are available in Beijing.

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We offer a reliable, high class and discreet female escort referral service. Most of our upscale female escorts are available for outcall, private Residence and Hotels. Alternatively, all of our escorts provide dinner dates and overnight bookings.

Beijing Escort is the only escort agency in China that only uses real recent photos of the model escorts. Beijing Escort guarantees the authenticity of the pictures shown on our website and the quality of service provided by our escorts. There is nothing moreBeijing Call Girl exciting and satisfying then opening your door and see the actual person you have chosen looking exactly like the picture on the website. You will be more excited if she changes into the outfit that she was wearing in the pictures on the Beijing Escort!

Our 100% genuine photo galleries reveal a world of charm, beauty, style and ultimate pleasure. For the gentleman who only deserves the finest things in life… let your fantasy become reality. All of our world class escorts are independent contractors and have their own personal preferences, rates, websites and locations.


Beijing Escorts – Beijing Escort – Beijing Escort Agency


Spend Your Time With Our Sexy Escort Girls

Spend Your Time With Our Sexy Escort Girls

Candies Escorts Beijing is a high class escort agency based in Beijing, the monetary capital of China. We offer an excellence, discreet service for our clients in Beijing providing them with a choice of the most beautiful escorts in Beijing. is happy to welcome you to Our agency is a high class escort agency based in Beijing, the financial capital of China. Our client base comprise of businessmen and specialized gentlemen based in Beijing who expect and demand an excellent escort service and a growing and exciting portfolio of beautiful Beijing escort to choose from. Allow us to manage and organize an up scale and proficient escort service for you when you are next in Beijing and require the company of this city’s sexiest escort ladies.

Our network throughout Beijing is growing fast and we now also have a number of escorts to choose from not only in Beijing but also anywhere in China. Just contact us for details of availabilities in your chosen city.

So, if you are presently in Beijing or scheduling a trip here we would be pleased to hear from you and to be able to arrange an exciting date with one of your many beautiful Beijing escort girls. Our clients are able to choose the suitable escort from our portfolio of local Beijing escorts as well as a growing number of International and foreign Beijing escort girls.

Our agency provides elite escorts, Asian escorts, A Level escorts, duo escorts, oriental escorts in Beijing. Candies Beijing escorts offer our time to the worthy cause of providing the specialized , decent , mature , good health and comfortable escort service escort services outcall both escort available in Beijing of China. All escort girl?s available incall and Outcall escorts services.

Our Beijing escort girls are able of established Beijing and anywhere. Beijing escort selected and trained escorts carefully by our Beijing escorts agency owner to ensure any of them can bring our admirable client unbelievable experience.

Why Men Avail Escort Service

beijing escortIt has been said that prostitution and escort services are the oldest professions since humans discovered the power of money. Today, man uses his resources to manipulate others into doing what he wants even women. It’s almost impossible to meet a rich and powerful man who hasn’t paid a Beijing outcall escort for sex. Throwing $2,000 or more for a night with a beautiful Asian escort outcall in beijing seems nothing to these men because the pleasure they get from sex is more valuable.
Nature cannot control man’s sexual urges that is why many escort services continue to flourish. The escort industry runs like an exchange of flesh. Aware that sex is within the reach of any man who has the means to pay, men don’t find it necessary to pass through a needle to get what they want. Through the best Asian outcall service in Beijing, men can simply present their credit cards and take a lovely woman out for companionship or wild sex.
Most CEOs, politicians and those on the ranks of the wealthy hire escorts for a business trip or for leisure. But why would these rich men opt for an escort when there are a considerable number of beautiful, intelligent and famous women seeking their attention? Most of these professional men work long hours and are hesitant to build a long-term relationship. Going out with an Asian escort in Beijing guarantees them of a no-strings-attached setup unlike girls seeking for personal intimacy and commitment. These escorts pay off as real girlfriends and they provide you the ultimate experience in bed and elsewhere. Show them the money for that is what they are after not commitment. Unlike a girlfriend, escorts don’t care about their client’s past or whereabouts; she would just come to her client’s hotel room and perform the service that was agreed upon. Men don’t have to worry about ways to satisfy a woman working for an Asian outcall in Beijing for this activity is simply about an exchange of money and orgasm.
Even celebrities hire escorts for the pleasure of sex serves as a simple getaway from their stressful lifestyle and chores on cam. Celebrities want their personal life kept private including their relationships that is why this kind of setup proves advantageous. A celebrity and an escort understand each other and do not go beyond their limitations. Moreover, this arrangement helps celebrities cloak their sexual relationship from the public’s eye. While paid sex is often associated with escort service, not all clients hire escorts exclusively for sex. Some men simply enjoy the companion of an attractive lady for social reasons such as business meetings, corporate parties and more. Aside from sex, there are men who want to impress their peers by having a gorgeous lady to act as his girlfriend or wife in an event for VIPs only.


Adult service Beijing from private escorts are of different substance altogether

beijing escort girlOne of the main reasons why the private escorts prefer to work under the cloud of secrecy is that their services are very close to that of the adult services providers. They might be the companions of the rich and the famous and might also be sharing the private moments with them, but it is also a fact that they do provide the adult services which may be legally banned in that country. Most of the cosmopolitan cities of the world, which are home to the rich and the famous, are the favourite areas of operation of these private escorts. The providers of the adult services Beijing, therefore, either prefer to remain shrouded in mystery or, if they do decide to come out in open, prefer to maintain a very strong adherence to their policies which are inconformity with the laws of the land.

So, what are the basic criteria which can distinguish an escort and a prostitute? For the common man and for the society at large, there is no literal or practical distinction between these two. But, for the providers and the takers of these services there is a clear distinction and this lies in the essence and substance of the services. The private escorts are the female companions of the clients. They are like their girl friends. These can be taken along to the parties and functions as dates or girl friends. These can also be taken on the tour or trip to a different place, to give them the company. A stunningly beautiful model by your side will make the difference to your company. The educated model will be the best fit for your society. She will be capable of pleasing others with her articulate and witty conversation, etiquette and personal charisma, enhancing your position in your circle.

The Beijing escorts can also be the entertainers, of the types which are liked by the mature adults. She would not be interested in simply finishing off her job, take money and then leave. She would also be seeking mutual participation while providing the adult service Beijing. She would entice you with her seductive moves, by dripping herself in chocolate, by doing the strip and pole dances and by playing the adult games which will entertain you thoroughly and arouse your intimate urges. She would be the masseur for you tonight, giving you the ultimate erotic body massage using not only her hands but also with the touches of her body. Lying by the side of the candle lit room, with the fragrances of the oil and the aromas of the incense, the relaxation derived from the massage would be unparalleled. The providers of the adult service Beijing make the massage a holistic treatment for your body, soul and mind. They are deft at the art of arousing the libido, kissing, hugging, touching and engaging you in exploring mutual bodies. Of course, the final play is deftly played as well but it is the essence of this service which creates the difference.